Friday, November 14, 2014

Moltenrose is Done...and Other News!

I finally finished the corrections on my companion book to my science fiction novel Pale Zenith. The book is called Moltenrose and contains one novella, one story and two poems set in the Pale Zenith universe. I'm so happy with the result. I think the cover looks great. Click on the title above and it will take you to the Kindle page. It's also available in paperback.

On the sales front, I just sold two poems to Mythic Delirium and one poem to Apex.

Last Thursday, November 6, 2014, I attended a book signing event for the anthology A Darke Phantastique, edited by Jason V. Brock. I have a story in this anthology called "I Keep the Dark that is Your Pain" and so I was invited as an author. It was a great honor to be there and I had a great time.

Other authors in attendance for the signing included: William F. Nolan, Joe R. Lansdale, Dennis Etchison, Nancy Kilpatrick, Gini Koch, E.E. King, Cody Goodfellow, me, and of course Jason Brock and Sunni Brock. George Clayton Johnson also made an appearance, and although he is not in the book he is talked about in the introduction. For the uninitiated, Nolan and Johnson are best known as the author duo who wrote Logan's Run. George Clayton Johnson also wrote tons of the best loved episodes of Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Star Trek, and more .

The attendance for the signing was impressive. There was standing room only. Possibly 40 - 50 in attendance over a period of two hours. There was a wonderful cake with the cover of the book on it, and wine!

My friends Kelly Dunn and Stephen Woodworth showed up and it was wonderful to see them.

Most people may not realize that book signings do not often generate much hoopla unless one is pretty damn famous and/or a bestseller. The fact that many people showed up for this was a treat for me, and I do credit it to Nolan and Johnson (though very frail now) showing up. Also, Joe Lansdale has a pretty big rep. So it helped that some "bigger" authors are in the anthology.

Right now the anthology is available in a limited edition hardcover. Only 350 copies were printed by Cycatrix Press. Later it will come out in paperback from Hippocampus Press. As an ebook enthusiast, I hope it eventually comes out in that form as well.

Also, this anthology is HUGE. It's over 700 pages. (When the paperback comes out it may end up being two editions, part one and part two.) I have started reading the stories in it and I am loving it.

My story in the anthology is about Love and Chaos personified, commitment, betrayal, and all that good stuff.

My next projects include: More poetry (always!) A collection of some of my vampire short stories which I have re-titled Bitters. I am also in-progress on a new novel called Lace.

If you are reading all this and not bored yet, you can always find more info. about me, all my books, and updates on my blog at my Amazon author page.

And as a treat for getting this far...I offer a new poem.

Post Dusk

fleeting light…
new night hunches with its
burden of stars
its recipes for moon-curved clouds
rejecting all mortal shape
all its winds crying
up into the voids
to lash themselves
to galaxies storming
in their dazzles of dream

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  1. The new cover looks terrific! The figures in the image draw you in - where are they, and where are they going?

    And congratulations on the book signing. It must have been incredibly fun to sign books for your readers and to talk with them, and then to hang out with your fellow sci fi and fantasy writers. I note that you didn't mention going to the Oliver Garden at all. ; )

    I love the poem and the picture, especially the line about the "night hunching with its burden of stars." I can picture it exactly.