Monday, December 22, 2014

New Blog Face, New Poem

I just finished re-designing this blog to make it easier for readers to see at a glance my books (with links on the book covers along the right side) and other wonderful features. Hope you like it! One thing I want people to be able to do is contact me. So that also is an added feature.

On the writing news front: I've finished writing a new novel. The Lostling: Alec's Story will be the third book in my Foundling universe. The first two are The Foundling and None Can Hold the Dark. They are novels set in the male/male romance genre. The Lostling will be out very soon and I'll post here when it's available.

In the science fiction genre, My short story collection Moltenrose is just out. It contains two poems and two stories set in my Pale Zenith novel universe.

I'm thrilled that I have, so far, all 5-star reviews for my science fiction novel Letters to an Android. The private messages I'm getting on this book by readers who don't do reviews are all positive as well. So if you're new to this blog and you're looking for a book by me to try out I recommend this one. If you have a Kindle or a Kindle app (they are free for any tablet or reader) it's only $2.99. Not too much to spend to take a chance on me. All my books are also available in trade paper.

On the poetry news front: I have just sold a new poem to Snakeskin magazine. This one is for their special "monsters" issue so would probably be classified as horror. Upcoming poems will be in the new issues of Apex and Mythic Delirium and Dreams and Nightmares, as well as Asimov's SF in 2015.

My new poetry collection Turn Left at November from Eldritch Press will be out soon. I'll keep updating here as I know more.

I am half-way through a new novel. This one is a vampire novel. Technically, my vampires are vampire-faeries. How to classify? Hmmm. Well, it has elements of fantasy, thriller, horror and romance. So I just don't know. The working title is: Lace. I actually have plans to make this a series of books if all works out.

And now, free for your reading pleasure, a brand new still untitled poem by me.

this December world:
where the moon burns holes in
the setting night
taloned, wild
its scooped face pressed against
the winter window
I am sleeping in a hearth of
blankets while
trees scrape along the lunar edge
sparks and snow and ash

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Wendy Rathbone