Sunday, September 20, 2015

New Books!

I've had one of the busiest summers ever. I never mean to neglect my blog, but it happens.

I was doing a ton of traveling for my business, but also doing guest blogs for a blog tour as part of the upcoming GayRomanceLit Conference I'm attending in San Diego this October. I did a guest blog for Prism Book Alliance which went live in August, and a guest post for Love Bytes (that post is due to go up Sept. 26.) I also did a new flashfic (a 1000 word original story) as part of the deal for Prism Book Alliance, and I will link to that in a future post when that goes up.

I also did a guest blog for Molly Lolly's blog, which will go up in November, and I'll let everyone know when it goes live.

The biggest news is the release, back to back, of my two newest romance books, Scoundrel, and Lace. I'm so excited that these books are out now. They are up on Amazon in paper and ebook.

Scoundrel is a book I wrote in May in a fever of inspiration. It tells the tale of a sex slave, Antares, facing an abrupt life change and a run-in with the pirate Slate. This story takes place in the far distant future in a galaxy where starships swarm like bees and thousands of worlds are colonized. It contains a lot of eroticism which I love to write. It is a m/m romance.

Lace is a different kind of vampire novel. The vampire is actually more of a fairy-being, so I call him a vampire fairy. In this story it is the less powerful character who is the rescuer, and I get to explore the bond between a mortal and an immortal in detail. Lots of twists are thrown into this one. I expect I'll be writing a sequel to it very soon.

In other writing news:

I have a poem "The Fallen Months" upcoming in the brand new issue of Mythic Delirium.

I have a poem "Build a Rocketship Contest" coming out in an upcoming issue of Asimov's SF.

Lately, I have been trying my hand at writing flashfic. I have 10 new flashfics of fantasy and science fiction that I am submitting one at a time to Daily Science Fiction, with one rejection so far. If any of them sell to that market, I'll definitely post the news here.

So despite being very busy this summer, I'm doing my best to stay in the writing game.

I plan on participating full on for November's NaNoWriMo. I will be writing on my new novel, The Moonling Prince. My goal is to finish that novel during NaNo and get it out to customers before the end of the year. We'll see. I have wonderful beta readers and editors, and it's only a question of how quickly they get back to me. Once they get back to me, I am NOT a procrastinator. I will work on a book until it's fixed for long hours and long into the winter nights. (It's so wonderful to have a seasonal business that gives me the winters off.)