Saturday, March 14, 2015

New Poetry Book!!!

My new poetry book is out! Turn Left at November contains 53 poems, most of which are brand new, written in 2014. I'm so happy with the look and feel of the book. Much thanks to Eldritch Press for a job well-done in the execution of this project. It can be purchased from different distributors at what I think is a very reasonable price. $5.99 paper, $2.99 ebook. Here's the link for Amazon:

Turn Left at November

You may notice I use the term "left" somewhat often. The title of this blog is "From the Left Dimension." Well, left has always seemed "right" to me so given a choice I turn all my ships hard to port. Maybe it's because I'm left-handed.

Also in poetry news, my poem "Layover" is in the brand new April/May double issue of Asimov's Science Fiction magazine. If it's not on news stands right now (March 14, 2015) it should be available within a couple days. Asimov's is also available as an e-subscription.

Upcoming for April will be a new issue of Mythic Delirium which includes my poem "Time Travel Autumn." I'll post here when it goes live. This will be an e-issue only, not available in print.

I'm also in the newest issue, #100, of Dreams and Nightmares Magazine.

That's my news for now. Thanks for reading!


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  1. What a lovely cover, all cool and warm at the same time. Congratulations on your new release!