Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Rush

I'm gearing up for April! I'm participating in Camp NaNo for the entire month, (it's like NaNoWriMo but instead of November it's in April.) I will be writing a minimum 1637 words a day (I hope.) I might miss some days because I vend at two fairs the last two weekends of April, but we'll see what happens. The goal for me is to use April to finish my vampire-fairy novel, "Lace."

I hope to post updates on my daily progress right here on my blog.
April is also National Poetry Month. In honor of that, I hope to write a poem a day. I did that last year and enjoyed it so much I ended up doing the poetry thing all the way through spring and into the summer. I love to just "go for it!" The result is about 80 percent of my new poetry collection "Turn Left at November." The rest in that collection are reprints.

My newest poem is below. I posted it on Facebook yesterday so I apologize if you've already read it. It is my "anti" ode to spring.

spring rush

by the new-leaf trees that web the sky
wind ruffles wind
lost grimoires and wild orange flowers
litter their wise and sugar fragrances
with flaking eyes a china doll
stares disapproving through the window
it is wrong in spring when even the stars melt
when cold shadows shrink under rocks
left behind to the white days
somewhere mist is still luminous
my books by the fireplace collect paper markers
smell of the ink of December

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  1. So somewhere, winter is hiding, eh? And making itself rare and valuable, for what could be more cozy than reading a book by the fireplace?