Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Two New Books!

I'm excited to announced I have two new books available, both LGBT romances, both male/male romances.

It feels like I've been waiting a million years for it, but my 55k novel Ganymede: Abducted by the Gods is finally out! This book is very loosely based on the Greek myth, one of the more homoerotic myths out there, wherein young, beautiful Ganymede is kidnapped by the god Zeus to be his cup-bearer and lover. In my version of this myth, the gods are jaded alien immortals, and Olympus is a floating city on a far distant planet. Also, Ganymede may lose his virginity to Zeus, but he does not end up with Zeus. Read and find out why!

The wonderful cover for this book was done by the talented Sadie Sins (check out her books on Amazon or her website).

My second book is a Christmas novella The Elves of Christmas, also a male/male romance with tall, broody elves at the North Pole expecting a surprise visit from Santa. It's a sweet, cozy curl-up read.

Both books have been receiving wonderful reviews this past week, and I thank each and every one of those readers!

Ganymede has a somewhat interesting backstory. It started out as a sort of five page poem which I decided had to be a novel. I used the unfinished poem as a sort of very abstract outline, and started over, writing the book. I knew Ganymede was taken against his will because of his beauty, and that he missed his dog. I knew Olympus would be a portal in a different sort of time-flow that overlooked the entire galaxy. Slowly, awhole world unfolded before my eyes and I knew there would be other books about these fantastic immortals. It was Sadie Sins who suggested I subtitle the book "The Fantastic Immortals Series" allowing me to pursue more books in that universe. I'm just about to finish up a novel about Zeus's origin called Zeus: Heir to the Gods. I plan to write stories about Eros, and Sable (Sable is a character from the Ganymede book). The Sable book will probably be a sort of stand-alone sequel to Ganymede. I'm very inspired and I can see myself writing about six of these books, upping my game with each one.

I still have one more release I'm hoping to get out by the end of this year. Prey is a dark, sci fi, alien abduction and rescue novella. It poses some darker themes, such as: What if you are taken young and the only life you know is with abusive aliens and when you are rescued you no longer fit with human society? It is one character's story about this very question, and his unique seduction of his proper, wound-tight rescuer. It is about guilt, Stockholm Syndrome, shame, freedom and transformation with a lot of inky dark pools shimmering around the edges of sexual coercion and sexual freedom. Look for it soon.

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Now, back to writing!


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